About Me

Hiya I’m Rae!!!
I’m 24 years old & I’m obsessed with everything beauty, fashion & tech. I started my blog because my chronic illness P.O.T.S leaves me housebound & even bed bound. Blogging allows me to show that I have a passion for photography & write about products I love, while the social side of blogging has let me make online friends who have the same interests as me. I also have found other bloggers who have P.O.T.S, so I now feel like I’m not the only one with a debilitating illness. The blogging community is such a friendly place!!! I’m glad I started blogging, because I have made some amazing friends.

Thanks for checking out my blog!!! Please feel free to leave me a comment with your social media links or blog link, because I would love to follow you or have a read of your blog 😘

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