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I have recently been sent a couple of Clive Christian perfume samples to test out. Before being sent the samples I didn’t know anything about the high end luxury brand Clive Christian. After receiving the samples I looked at the Clive Christian website & found out that “Clive Christian is the British luxury interiors & perfume company, with craftsmanship at heart. With a passion for transforming the expected into the extraordinary, Clive Christian perfumes are uniquely complex & expertly crafted with the rarest, most precious ingredients”. On the Clive Christian website, you will find Holiday gifts, Masculine & Feminine perfume. You can also visit Clive Christian Interiors.

I was sent two Clive Christian samples from The ‘Private Collection’. The ‘Private Collection’ consists of ten perfumes. The two Clive Christian perfume samples I received are called ‘Amber Fougere’ & ‘V Fruity Floral’. From what I have read on the Clive Christian website the two samples I received are designed to be worn together so you can wear both perfumes at the same time. I have tried this out & think both ‘Amber Fougere’ & ‘V Fruity Floral’ compliment each other really well. If you’re looking for a luxury perfume for someone special this Christmas I would highly recommend checking out Clive Christian ladies perfume. The perfume samples I received smell really luxurious. The two samples smell great together or separate. I am going to save the rest of my samples for when I go out to a party or event. I think the brand Clive Christian is fit for royalty & the perfume bottles look extremely fancy & will look fantastic on anyone’s dressing table.

On the Clive Christian website ‘Amber Fougere’ perfume is described as “Mingling woody, resinous notes with the uplifting and exciting scent of cassis beautifully captured in a perfume of stunning vintage and theatrical quality. V Amber Fougere is based on more masculine notes with a white pepper heart. Smoky vetiver is adding depth and dry amber is adding warmth and richness to the perfume. Designed in a pair to be worn with the more feminine V Fruity Floral”. A 10ml bottle of ‘Amber Fougere’ costs £75 (‘Amber Fougere’ website link).

‘V Fruity Floral’ is described as being more feminine. “With bergamot, black pepper and frankincense it is brimming with aromatic allure. At its heart is a clean jasmine note, complemented by top notes of cassis and palmarosa. The perfume is light and clean before richer notes of dark plum and ylang ylang take over. V fruity Floral is designed in a pair to be worn with V Amber Fougere”. A 10ml bottle of ‘V Fruity Floral’ costs £75 (‘V Fruity Floral’ website link).

 * The photo above is from the Clive Christian website. The photo features five of the ten the ‘Private Collection’ perfumes.

On the Clive Christian website, it describes the ‘Private Collection’ as “A striking suite of 10 perfumes that celebrate the extraordinary moments of a life’s work brought to vivid, fragrant life. The result is a perfumed interpretation that feels contemporary, fresh and thoroughly benefiting of today’s fragrance tastes, whilst keeping true to the complex and intense concentration that Clive Christian is well known for”.

Do you use Clive Christian perfume??? If so what Clive Christian scent do you wear??? Leave me a comment & tell me what perfume you wear on a daily basis. Do you prefer designer, celebrity or luxury high end perfume??? Do you have a perfume you love to wear on a night out???? Let me know in the comments.

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