Tria Beauty Positively Clear Acne Clearing Blue Light Device – 2 Weeks On

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I have thoroughly enjoyed trying out & testing the Tria Beauty ‘Positively Clear Acne Clearing Blue Light Device’. Thank you so much, Tria Beauty for giving me the opportunity to test out the Acne Clearing device before its UK release. I am definitely going to carry on using the device & will incorporate using it into my everyday skincare routine. I’m more than impressed with how effective the ‘Acne Clearing Blue Light Device’ is. At the start of the year, I did purchase the Tria Beauty 3x hair removal device from Current Body as there was a massive discount on the device at the time. I knew from the results I had achieved from using the hair removal device that the blue light acne clearing device had to be just as good or better. If you haven’t heard of how brilliant Tria Beauty is, check out their website for some AMAZING products Check out my ‘Positively Clear’ first impressions blogpost

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Since unboxing the Tria Beauty ‘Positively Clear Acne Clearing Blue Light Device’ I have only charged the device once. Which is brilliant considering I have used the device every night before bed. Each treatment lasts 5 minutes, so if you have more than one breakout on your face you might need more than one 5-minute treatment. When I first started using the device I had more than one breakout so I was doing 3 x 5-minute treatments. The device switches its self off once a 5-minute treatment has been completed. To start another treatment just switch the Tria device back on to treat another area. The blue light only emits if you have the device on your skin. If you lift the device off your face during the treatment the blue light stops emitting & the treatment will pause until you put the device against your skin. When you’re treating an area on your skin you slowly & gently glide the device across your skin until the treatment has finished. You do get treatment guides in the box to help you learn how to treat an area. All you do is stick the treatment guide on your face then slowly glide the Tria device in a circle following the guide. I find it easier now not to use the treatment guide as I have been using the Tria device long enough to know how to use the device.

The device is suitable for anyone to use. If you have mild to moderate acne the ‘Positively Clear’ device will be perfect for you.  The Tria ‘Positively Clear’ is not just for your face. You can use the device on other areas of your body if you have mild-moderate acne. If you become pregnant or are breastfeeding it’s advised not to use the acne clearing device. I think Its brilliant how you can treat your skin at home with ‘blue light’ therapy instead of going to a dermatologist & having to pay approximately £830 for 12 sessions. Overtime Tria Beauty ‘Positively Clear Acne Clearing Blue Light Device’ is a well worth investment that you can use again & again. (It’s not advised to share the device with anyone)

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