My favourite iPhone 7 cases – 2017

I seriously can’t believe my last blogpost on my monthly blog was a Christmas post!!!! I’m hoping to get at least one post up on this blog each month. I’ve had a break from blogging due to family drama, but I’m back & I’m hoping to get my blog up & running to the best standard !!!!

I have seen Casetify advertised on Instagram & thought their phone cases look cute. I saw a promotion code, so I thought I would order a case to see what the brands like. I was a bit apprehensive about ordering from the site, because I hadn’t heard a lot about the brand before & some websites sell really bad quality phone cases. When I saw Lucy Hale AKA Aria Montgomery from Pretty Little Liars had a capsule collection on the site it gave me confidence to buy from the site. Its a bit silly, but I thought Lucy Hale wouldn’t promote a website if she thought it was rubbish. I didn’t buy a phone case from the Lucy Hale capsule collection, however her collection looks fab!!! In Lucy Hale’s collection there is iPhone cases, Apple Watch bands & clutch bags. Check out Casetify x Lucy Hale.

If you didn’t know I’m a crazy cat lady. Thats why I had to get Casetify ‘All Cats’ clear case. I’m really impressed with the case. It’s doing a great job at protecting my iPhone 7. The phone case costs $40 which converts to about £32. I had a $5 off promotion when I ordered & I didn’t receive any customs charges which was a bonus. I would definitely order from Casetify again. ‘All Cats’ iPhone case link

Another iPhone 7 case I thought I would mention is The Kylie Shop ‘Pink Lips’ iPhone 7 case. I bought the iPhone case when The Kylie Shop Launched on 10th December 2016. The phone case cost $15 which converts to £12.06. The only thing I wasn’t impressed with was the delivery cost was $20 which is more than the iPhone case cost!!!! In total my order cost $35 which converts to £28.14 which isn’t bad, because there was no customs charge. Normally when I order from Kylie Cosmetics I normally end up with a huge customs charge to pay at the post office.

I had my Kylie ‘Pink Lips’ case on my iPhone as soon as it got delivered to me which was the day before Christmas Eve. I took the ‘Pink Lips’ iPhone case off my iPhone half way through February, because some of the plastic near the volume control broke off!!!! I was devastated as I LOVED the phone case!!!! You can no longer get the iPhone case on Kylie’s website, however there is 2 other cases you can purchase from the site. I only like clear iPhone cases thats why I haven’t purchased any of the other phone cases from Kylie’s website. I’m hoping Kylie’s website restocks, so I can buy another ‘Pink Lips’ case. Check out The Kylie Shop Have you bought anything from The Kylie Shop??? If you have tell me what you bought & what your thoughts are in the comments.

What phone cases are you loving at the moment???? Where do you buy your phone cases???? Leave me a comment or tweet me a photo.

Thanks for reading!!!

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  1. 23rd April 2017 / 7:40 PM

    Yassss! Love to see someone else who has an iphone case obsession lol. Maybe not obsession, but I definitely have an addiction with buying new cases every now and again! I recently purchased a case off They came out with some new Holo Hearts iPhone cases that are protective but SO cute, and SO affordable! I'd check them out if you haven't!

    • 30th April 2017 / 12:05 AM

      Thanks so much for the comment 😘 I'm addicted to buying new iPhone cases too 🙋🏼 Have you seen on Kylie Jenner's online shop she is releasing new iPhone cases 📱 I'm definitely gonna try & get 1 or 2 lol 😀 I will definitely check out Velvet Caviar, I've not heard of that online shop before!!! It must be fab if you love it ❤️
      Rae xoxo

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