Elegant Touch Christmas Nails 2016

Recently I have become obsessed with Elegant Touch false nails!!! When I saw there were festive Elegant Touch nails, I just had to buy them. Have you bought any festive false nails??? If you have what brand are they & where did you buy them from??? Leave me a comment I would love to know. Check out the Elegant Touch website for some gorgeous false nails http://www.eleganttouch.com/christmas.html.

If you didn’t see my Elegant Touch nails haul that I posted in September on my main blog check it out http://www.raexoxo.com/2016/09/elegant-touch-house-of-holland-nails.html.

My favourite festive Elegant Touch false nails are called ‘Polar Opposites’. I have been wearing ‘Polar Opposites’ nails for nearly the whole month of  December & still have them on my nails now. It’s not too late to buy festive Elegant Touch nails. I bought mine from ASOS & since I bought mine they have reduced in price to £5.50 when they normally cost £7.99. I think I might buy another pack & save them for December 2017!!! http://www.asos.com/elegant-touch/elegant-touch-polar-opposites-false-nails/prd/7204248?iid=7204248&clr=Polaropposites&SearchQuery=elegant%20touch&pgesize=36&pge=0&totalstyles=37&gridsize=3&gridrow=1&gridcolumn=2

If you have never used false nails they are really easy & simple to apply to your nails. Elegant Touch nail packs contains 24 nails with 10 sizes. All you do is see what nail fits each of your finger nails then line them up on a table, so you know what finger nails your applying to each nail. Then trim your nails & file the surface of your nail as it will help the false nail to stick to your nail. Then use the glue supplied & squirt some in the nail (You have to be quick at this point as the glue is really sticky). Then press the false nail onto your nail, then just repeat the steps on all your fingers. What I like to do after I have applied all the false nails is to get my nail clippers & trim all the false nails to a shorter length then file the false nails into a more natural shape. I have had soooooooooo many compliments & people asking how I learnt how to do nail art & thinking I’m a nail art expert (I haven’t told anyone yet that they are false nails) !!!!

In the photo above is the finished look & length of the nails. I have since trimmed my nails & shaped them to a more manageable length. I have had the ‘Polar Opposites’ nails on for nearly a month & have only had to reapply a few of the nails. My false nail tip is to carry the nail glue & nail file in your bag, also carry a few spare nails in your handbag just incase you loose one of your nails & need to stick another one on to replace the nail you lost.

I also purchased Elegant Touch X House of Holland festive nails called ‘Deck the Halls’ from ASOS, but they are now sold out. You can buy ‘Deck the Halls’ nails in store at Boots & Superdrug or you can buy them online at Boots for £8.99. There is currently a 3 for 2 offer on Elegant Touch, so you can take advantage of the 3 for 2 deal http://www.boots.com/en/House-of-Holland-Ho-Ho-Ho-Nails-Deck-the-Halls_1878120/. I’m applying ‘Deck the Halls’ nails on Christmas Eve morning, so my nails are looking really cute & festive on Christmas Day. Btw if your wondering what Yankee Candle I’m burning thats in my photo’s, the candle is called ‘Christmas Rose’. The only way I can describe the scent of ‘Christmas Rose’ is that it smells like Turkish Delight sweets taste.

Thanks for reading 😀

I can’t believe Christmas is only a few days away!!!! Christmas has come round so quickly this year & December just flew by!!! I hope you all have a great Christmas & New Year!!!!

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