GHD Platinum Electric Pink Styler – Review


I have been wanting Electric Pink GHD straighteners for years!!!! I’m ecstatic that my search is finally over. If you didn’t know GHD have released Electric Pink Platinum & V straighteners & also Air Hairdryer to support Breast Cancer research. Every time someone purchases any product from the Electric Pink range £10 goes to Breast Cancer Now. If your in need of new straighteners now is the perfect time to upgrade as £10 of the sale goes to support a great charity. Check out GHD’s Electric Pink range & check out the Breast Cancer Now website

As soon as I saw GHD were releasing limited edition Electric Pink straighteners I just had to get them!!! I’m a really girly girl & LOVE anything & everything Pink!!! This is my first time using Platinum GHD’s. I did a lot of research before buying them to see if they were worth the extra money over the Electric Pink V straighteners. As soon as I got the Platinum styler out of the box I was amazed with how light the styler was. The Platinum styler heats up super fast too which is excellent & the Platinum styler doesn’t take to long to cool down. I think its great that the Electric Pink Platinum styler comes with a travel bag which is also a heat resistant mat too. The best thing about the Platinum styler is that its not just for straightening your hair, because the edges are rounded on the styler it means you can curl your hair too!!!

Before purchasing the Platinum Electric Pink styler I had the GHD IV styler which I had been using for a couple of years. As my IV styler was still in great condition I sold my old GHD’s on my Depop shop. Even though GHD’s are expensive & an investment it shows GHD’s are made to last. I have heard some bloggers saying their GHD’s lasted 6 years before they stopped working & they had to get a new GHD styler.

I purchased my GHD Platinum Electric Pink styler from Very Exclusive for £165. I love shopping on Very Exclusive, because you can spread the cost & it means you don’t have to be paying out £165 in one go. I’m paying for my GHD’s over 9 months without interest which is brilliant & I used click & collect delivery which is free!!! If you’d prefer to pay the whole price instead of spreading the cost you can on Very Exclusive. Here is the link to the Platinum Pink GHD styler on Very Exclusive There are quite a few online shops selling the Platinum Electric Pink styler, so definitely look around before you buy just incase there is a promotion or discount code. Here is the link to the Platinum Pink Styler on the GHD website I haven’t found the Platinum Electric Pink styler any cheaper than £165.

GHD are also selling a V version of the Electric Pink styler & it also comes with the Heat resistant bag/mat for £135 If your in need of a new hairdryer check out the GHD Air which costs £99 It doesn’t matter if you don’t purchase directly from the GHD website £10 still goes to Breast Cancer Now if you buy any product from the Electric Pink range.

Thanks for reading my Blogpost 😀 Whats your favourite brand of hair straighteners??? Do you have GHD’s??? Do you think GHD’s are better than other brands of hair straighteners??? Leave me a comment & tell me what you think.

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