Hitched – MeeBox Review 2016

In April I decided to order my first MeeBox. I saw a previous months MeeBox on Instagram & thought it looked fab!!! If you didn’t know MeeBox is a monthly subscription box which has just nail based products in. MeeBox costs £20 each month, unless you decided to skip a month & then you get charged nothing. You can also cancel your subscription whenever you want. Definitely google for discount codes before you order. As I did & got £2 off my order. I will resubscribe in the future, but as MeeBox is a more expensive subscription service, I won’t be having it delivered every month. I will probably order a MeeBox every few months. If you are thinking about subscribing to MeeBox every month its cheaper to order a 3 month subscription at a time which costs £54 which is a saving of £6. Check out the MeeBox website for more information https://meebox.co.uk.

Every month MeeBox has a theme. When I ordered my MeeBox In April the theme was ‘Hitched’. I was really happy with all the products I got in my box. Are you a MeeBox subscriber??? If you are what was your favourite product in the box???

Leighton Denny – Nail Polish (full size, £11)

I was really pleased to get a full size Leighton Denny nail polish in my MeeBox. The colour I got in my box is called ‘Breakfast in Bed’. Since getting my MeeBox I haven’t had any other colour on my nails.’Breakfast in Bed’ is a gorgeous metallic dusky mauve colour which has a shimmer finish. I can official say ‘Breakfast in Bed’ is my NEW favourite colour nail polish!!! The only problem is I can’t see a full size bottle of the nail polish for sale online, so I think I’m going to save the rest of ‘Breakfast in Bed’, so it doesn’t run out too quickly. If you want to try out the colour for yourself I have found a mini version of the nail polish in a gift set on the Leighton Denny website for £18. Which includes 5 nail polishes including ‘Breakfast in Bed’ & a dotting tool, brush & a sponge http://www.leightondennyexpertnails.com/nail-wonderland–nudes-.

Mavala – Nail Polish mini gift set (full size, £13.50)

I’m not actually keeping the Mavala French Manicure gift set. As my Mum’s friend has been wanting a French Manicure set, so my Mum is going to wrap it up for her as it is her Birthday next month. I think the Mavala French Manicure gift set would be a perfect present for anyone who loves nail polish. At the moment on Feel Unique there is 10% off the gift set, so its only £12.15!!!  http://www.feelunique.com/p/Mavala-French-Manicure-Kit-Pink.

Miss Cat Nails – Nail Stickers (full size, £1.99)

I LOVE nail stickers soooooooo much!!!! I have already used a few of the nail stickers & I LOVE them. When I put nail sticker on I always apply a clear coat over the top just to make sure that the nail sticker isn’t going to come off. Check out Miss Cat Nails website for more amazing nail stickers http://www.misscatnails.com/category/sticker-collection.

Bundle Monster – Blogger Collab Nail Stamping Plate (full size, £3.50)

The only branded nail plates I have used before are Konad. I am so pleased I get to try out a different brand. I really enjoy using nail plates to get a different & unique nail look. Using nail plates always creates a look which makes your nails look like they have been done by a professional. If you have never used nail plates before its simple!!! You have to also get a stamping tool & scrapper tool. All you do is apply nail polish directly over the pattern you want on your nails, then you use the scrapper tool to scrape away the excess. Then you use the stamper & hold it over the pattern & stamp it onto your stamper tool. Then you apply the pattern onto your nail by slowly stamping the pattern on your nails. I find it easier to not just stamping the whole pattern onto your nail in one go, but slowly stamping left to right. Once you have repeated the steps & have done all your nails you then apply a clear coat. Check out Bundle Monster’s website for more nail plates http://www.bundlemonster.com/nail-stamping-plates/plate-sets.html.

Clear Jelly Stamper – Nail Stamper (full size, $9.50)

The Clear Jelly Stamper is a perfect tool to go with the Bundle Monster nail plate!!! The Clear Jelly Stamper is 100x better than my current Konad stamper that I currently use. Because the Jelly stamper is clear you can see how your applying the nail pattern to your nails perfectly. With my current Konad stamper you have to guess how your applying the pattern, because you can’t see through the stamper. The Jelly stamper is perfect!!! I’m going to have perfectly straight patterns on my nails now. If you want to buy the Clear Jelly Stamper check out the website link http://www.clearjellystamper.com/Crystal_Clear_Stamper/p3395399_15501741.aspx.

Thanks for reading!!!! What are your thought on MeeBox??? Did you get last months Hitched MeeBox or have you got this months RiRi MeeBox??? Whats you favourite nail polish subscription box??? Leave me a comment & tell me what you think.

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