My Little Dream Box – April 2015


I love subscribing to different beauty boxes, because it makes it feel like christmas every month. This month was my first month of being subscribed to My Little box. I have seen loads of photos on Twitter & Instagram over the last few months, so I thought I would subscribe. I love how each month there is a new theme & a different illustration on the box. I personally love the Illustrations on the boxes & I think it makes My Little box unique & stand out from other subscription boxes. The Illustrator is called Kanako & I think Kanako is extremely talented.

The theme of Aprils box is Dreams. I was really pleased with my first My Little box & I think I’m going to stay subscribed for now. If you didn’t know My Little box is a french company who send out a box full of must have beauty products, a beauty product from My Littles own range, fashion & lifestyle products & My Little World magazine. My Little box costs £11 plus £3.95 p&p every month. If you decide you don’t want My Little box one month its really easy to cancel then reactivate your subscription. Check out the My Little box website for more details


The first products I picked out of the box was a lifestyle product & was in a separate package with the cutest illustration on. When I opened up the package there was a rotating stamper & ink. I used to love using stampers when I was younger & can’t wait to use the stamper set I got in My Little box. The stamper set cost £8 & I think you can buy it on

The next product I got was a Loved by Lou Lesage lip balm. I love getting lip balms in subscription boxes. Since I started subscribing to beauty boxes 3 years ago. I haven’t yet once had to buy lip balms. Which is brilliant. Loved by Lou Lesage really reminds me of a M.A.C lip balm pot that I used to use when I first got interested in make-up. The best thing about the Lou Lesage lip balm is that its not sticky & it has a hint of colour as well. The Lou Lesage lip balm cost £8 & again I think you can buy it on

I have never heard of the brand Cow Shed before. I love the packaging & think its really eye-catching. I got a 100ml body lotion sample. I think the sample size is really generous as a full size is 300ml & cosst £18 The wild cow body lotion has natural ingredients including lemongrass, ginger, rosemary, shea butter & cocoa butter. I think this body lotion is going to be perfect for my skin & can’t wait to start using it. Don’t forget to check out Cow shed’s website.

One of the only problems I have with my hair is that its always dry!!! My little beauty is going to come in handy. My little beauty is one of the products from My Little box’s own beauty brand. My little beauty is a hair mask & is especially for people with dry & damaged lengths & ends. I can’t wait to try out the hair mask & see what its like. I love the smell of the hair mask its just gorgeous!!! Some of the ingredients in the hair mask are shea butter & walnut oil. The hair mask cost £7 & I think you can get it from

One of the products was hidden in this cloud packaging which was super cute. I had to cut along the dotted line to get into the mini cloud package. I didn’t have a clue what was going to be inside the cloud, but it was a a great surprise when I opened it.

At first I thought I had received a bracelet, but Its meant to be a necklace. I love the colour of the string on the dainty little necklace & I think I will be wearing the necklace a lot this summer. The necklace was created by Delphine Pariente. On the pendant of the necklace it says bonne etoile which translates to lucky star. The necklace retails at £20 which I personally think is a bit expensive for what it is. I think you can buy the necklace on

I love getting a magazine inside a subscription box, However most of the beauty boxes have stopped doing a magazine now which is really disappointing. I’m glad My Little box still does a magazine.

For my first My Little box I’m really impressed. I think it will be harder to repurchase some of the products in the box, because I don’t think they sell them in the UK. I think you can buy some of the products from, but I don’t know if they ship to the UK. The website is in French & I can’t translate the whole website. If you know more information please let me know & leave me a comment or tweet me.

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