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I can’t believe January is over already!!! I thought I’d better post my January review of the first Birchbox of 2015. The theme of the January Birchbox box was Hit Refresh. Birchbox collaborated with Womens Health magazine. I’m think last years January Birchbox was a healthy theme/fitness Birchbox.

If you didn’t know Birchbox is a monthly subscription service. You get samples & full size products in your Birchbox each month for £10 plus £2.95 p&p & you can cancel anytime. If you sign up using my link we both get £5 to spend in the Birchbox e-shop. Here is my link


My favourite product in Januarys Birchbox was a full size Stila lip glaze. Stila lip glazes are really popular & beauty gurus on YouTube rave about them. I normally buy Stila lip glazes in sets from ASOS.

My Stila lip glaze is in the colour ‘Glimmer’. Glimmer is a gorgeous sheer shimmery pink. Stila lip glazes are Stunning!!! My favourite Stila lip glaze colour is called ‘Kitten’. Stila lip glazes normally cost £15. You can buy Stila lip glazes from the Birchbox e-shop or you can get them from Stila’s website

I have sampled quite a lot Philip Kingsley products & I’m glad I get sent them in my Birchbox. This month I got a sample of the ‘Body building’ conditioner. I always save the high end conditioners I get in beauty boxes for after I have had my hair coloured. A full size bottle of the conditioner costs £19 & you can buy it from the Birchbox e-shop

I have never heard of the brand HealGel. HealGel claims to “nourish troublesome areas of skin” I can’t wait to try out HealGel to see what its like. You can buy HealGel products from the Birchbox e-shop A full size of HealGel body costs £39.50.

Next up is another brand I haven’t heard of called Activbod. I got a sample of Activbod’s shower gel. I gave the shower gel to my brother, because he loves to use shower gel. A full size of Activbod shower gel cost £5 & you can buy it from the Birchbox e-shop

The last sample in my January box was a single sachet of Embrace Matcha Green tea. I don’t drink Tea so I gave this sample to my mum. Over the last year Green Tea has become really popular. Everyone is drinking Green Tea & saying how good it is. You can buy Embrace Matcha from the Birchbox e-shop for £24.99 for a pack of 30

The lifestyle extra this month was a Birchbox & Womens Health Pilates band. When I first saw the Pilates band in my Birchbox I didn’t know what it was until I read the Birchbox product card. The Pilates band can be used to increase tone, strength & muscle endurance. Check out BirchboxUk’s Instagram page for a video demo on how to use the Pilates band You can also buy the Pilates band from the Birchbox e-shop for £7.99

What did you think of the first Birchbox of 2015??? What products did you like the best??? Leave me a comment & tell me what you think.

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