#BirchBloggers Breakfast – 13/11/2014

I was chosen by Birchbox to attend the first #BirchbloggersUK breakfast at the Regent Street Aubaine restaurant on the 13th November. I was so happy that I had been chosen but I was really nervous about going, because I had to get the train to London then get in a taxi & then find the restaurant. I managed to arrive 30 mins early & I didn’t get lost. I had a look at the shops first, because I was so early then I went into the Aubaine. http://www.aubaine.co.uk/location/regent-street/

The Aubaine is a French restaurant. The Aubaine is a great restaurant & the staff were very nice & polite to us all. When we arrived they offered us still or sparkling water. Then the waiters came out with fresh orange juice for all of us & then we all got a tray of croissants & freshly baked breads. I was very impressed with the food & service in the restaurant.

It was great meeting the new Editorial Director Jess Diner. Jess Diner worked for Vogue magazine for 7 years before joining Birchbox. Jess Diner talked about her vision for Birchbox & about what her plans were for Birchbox in 2015.  Jess Diner gave us all goody bags full of her favourite beauty products from the Birchbox e-shop. Jess Diner talked about each individual product & told us why she liked them so much. During breakfast a few other members of the Birchbox team turned up to chat to us & ask us questions on what we liked about Birchbox. All of the Birchbox team were really friendly & nice. In the photo above Jess Diner is on the left & the other 3 ladies are part of the Birchbox team.

After the #BirchBloggers breakfast I found this photo on Instagram that Birchbox posted of all the bloggers & the Birchbox team. Thanks again Birchbox for a lovely Breakfast!!!! I hope you do more blogger events in the future.

In my next blog post I will be blogging about everything that I got in my goody bag.

Thanks for reading 😀

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